Cornyn Jabs Obama As ‘astonishingly Liberal’ In Ad

“Astonishingly liberal,” the narrator says as the ad opens with an image of Obama. “An administration that has squandered our trust. Using backhanded methods to change the very fabric of American life. Who stands up to him? John Cornyn.” The message that Cornyn “stands up to Obama every day,” as the narrator says, is one the senator is likely to repeat as the March 4 primary draws near.

Only Obama can fix his broken foreign policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama called Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher on Friday to congratulate him on the Seminoles’ national title. Obama told Fisher he’s looking forward to welcoming the team to the White House to celebrate the championship. Florida State beat Auburn 34-31 on Monday night in the BCS championship game to finish the season 14-0. Sports & Recreation NFL Draft Report: Updated top three positional needs for all 32 teams We know three-quarters of the first-round draft order, and all but eight teams currently are in full draft-preparation mode now that their seasons have come to an end. Although we don’t yet know what effect free agency will have, we Continue reading Shutdown Corner Days after the Luol Deng trade, Joakim Noah still hasnt spoken to the media Nobody on the Chicago Bulls was happy about the Luol Deng trade. Even the most ardent of Bulls salary capologists couldnt have easily stomached a deal that sent away a two-time reigning All-Star for no immediate rotation help, no likely Continue reading Ball Don’t Lie More like this Remove MMA Fighter May Face Charges After Fighting Off Four Home Invaders, Killing One in the Process COMMENTARY | Despite his years of training mixed martial arts, Joe Torrez is yet to get his big break inside the cage.

Five myths about Michelle Obama

Robin Givhan From fashion to Princeton. Yet other first ladies have had more personal relationships with designers and opened the White House doors to them in a way Obama has not. Jacqueline Kennedy designated Oleg Cassini her official dressmaker, and the style they created inspired generations of women and designers. Lady Bird Johnson in 1968 hosted a formal fashion show that involved models parading through the State Dining Room as the wives of visiting governors looked on. Nancy Reagan had lets-meet-for-lunch friendships with several designers, and she received the Council of Fashion Designers of Americas lifetime achievement award which she accepted in person.

Abandon hope? Obama’s new poverty program needs help from Congress

Petraeus in Kabul and, later, at the CIA. At the center of this process was Tom Donilon , the national security adviser, disliked by Gates as a political commissar but effective at maintaining order among a team whose members, as Gates makes clear, were often seething. The dream team (with all its dysfunction) has been replaced by a group that is more closely aligned with the war-weary Obama the president who wanted out of Afghanistan and resisted involvement in Syria. Officials Ive spoken with are unanimous that, with the exception of Secretary of State John Kerry, this group is weaker and less self-confident. Susan Rice has been nearly invisible as national security adviser at a time when U.S. allies are hungry for contact.

President Obama congratulates Jimbo Fisher

In that way the U.S. helped ISIS blossom in Syria. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough had reportedly suggested that a scenario involving Hezbollah, Iran’s Lebanese proxy, fighting al Qaeda-linked forces in the opposition would work to Americas advantage boy was he wrong . ISIS blossomed and took over large swaths of northern Syria, including the largest rebel-held city , and then it focused more on setting up a rudimentary Islamic state than fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Last week, other rebel groups began expelling ISIS fighters from areas they controlled.) Then the Assad government carried out a massive chemical weapons attack in the capital of Damascus on Aug. 21.

Obama’s Flawed Syria Strategy In Two Powerful Graphics

Johnson’s War on Poverty and Bill Clinton’s empowerment zones, President Barack Obama announced his grand plan to help eradicate poverty Thursday afternoon. Obama’s “Promise Zone” program was first mentioned nearly a year ago during the 2013 State of the Union address. The program’s goal is to help local governments cut through red tape in order to get struggling families much-needed aid as quickly as possible. Related: Occupy Google: Income Inequality Backlash Hits Silicon Valley On Thursday President Obama announced the first five of these zones (he hopes that there will be 20 by the time he leaves office): San Antonio, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “Your country will student loan forgiveness act Obama help you remake your community on behalf of your children, said President Obama, not by the ZIP code she lives in but by the strength of her work ethic and the scope of her dreams. Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities, a collaboration of 22 of the worlds largest foundations and financial institutions working to eradicate poverty, joined The Daily Ticker to discuss the program.


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