Should You Consolidate Your Student Loan Debt?

I ended up losing my truck and then they sold it and I was still left with most of the payment, could not get to work, etc. I should have sued them. Then they pulled it on me again when I did some more field work for them, took them 3 months next time. I am so used to a mess happening that it has worn me out. And I am someone that checks to make sure the “i” is dotted and the “t” crossed.

The Hard Truth About Defaulting On Student Loans

Now all of the federal student loans are direct loans from the federal government. So if there’s a bank name on it, if there’s a Sallie Mae name on it, then you know that is a private student loan and you want to be extra careful. It is much better to finance your education without taking those loans. But it’s fine to take federal student loans. HEADLEE: OK, so for the people that were already grandfathered in, they’re kind of out of luck.

Student loan repayment troubles? Don’t delay

Also, if you happen to consolidate during times of falling interest rates, you may actually get locked into a higher interest compared to one you could secure down the road. Once you lock in that consolidation loan rate, there’s not much you can do to change it even if interest rates are falling all around you. A final consideration to make when deciding whether or not to consolidate: Do your individual loans have extra perks? For instance, some lenders will reduce your interest rate if you pay on time, and other loans particularly PLUS loans offer flexible repayment options you can’t get with a consolidation loan. Which is Right for You?

There’s a Better Way to Securitize Student Loans

One of the most common complaints I hear from students goes something like this: I took out a government-backed loan [FFEL or Direct], ran into trouble, contacted my loan servicer and got a six-month forbearance. What they didnt tell me was that the interest rate clock would keep on ticking or that I was eligible for one of the government-relief programs that would have been better for me in the long run. The students are referring to the U.S. Department of Educations Pay As You Earn and Income-Based Repayment plans, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Its hard to believe that this oversight was go here unintentional. Thats because the investors rate of return on a financial transaction of this type hinges on three variables: principal (loan balance), payment amount (monthly remittance) and term (duration).

Student Loan Debt’s Identity Crisis

Now that they are garnishing your pay, your options are more limited. Look up the rules for garnishment in your state and make sure they are not taking more than the limit allowed by state law. You can ask the court to adjust the amount if it is causing you financial hardship. If that won’t work, I suggest you find a way to increase your income, either by taking on a second job or reducing your living expenses, perhaps by moving in with a friend or relative until the loan is paid off. Good luck! See related: Steps to contest, end wage garnishment , Why not leave country and bail on student loans?

I’m Frugal But My Student Loans Are Too Expensive

In an ED-sponsored event dubbed “Datapalooza” held on January 15 in Washington, D.C., the Department promised to share data “responsibly” with guidance counselors to identify students who have started filling out their FAFSAs with a view toward helping them finish the complex form. It is not clear what data would be disclosed. Related Articles The Department of Education Set to Consider Changes to Parent PLUS Loans The plan is wrapped into the Obama administration’s goal to make college more affordable and tries to attack a nagging problem: the low FAFSA completion rate for disadvantaged college applicants. ED is considering the development of a FAFSA application program interface (API) that would, in a yet-to-be-specified way, help users deal with this document which is only available at and the ED Website. It’s also an opportunity for software developers and others in the IT space to get a piece of some vendor action.


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