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Will Fed index buy and sell signal tapering hurt gold prices? The SPDR Gold Trust, often referred to just as GLD, allows for a shares-for-physical-gold exchange too, but it’s definitely not for the Average Joe investor. GLD investors who have a position in excess of 1 basket — a set amount of shares, which for the GLD ETF is 100,000 shares,worth about$12.4 million at current prices– can exchange their shares for physical gold, according to Will Rhind, a managing director at the World Gold Council, an organization that sponsors the SPDR Gold Trust. The exchanges are done by authorized participants, which are typically big investment banks, said Rhind. “Because of the size of the baskets (100,000 shares for GLD), individual investors aren’t likely to have a position big enough for a redemption. The people who are creating baskets or redeeming shares are generally on the institutional level.” Gold is delivered in ‘LBMA Good Delivery bars,’ which can weigh 400 ounces to 430 ounces.
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The dominant theme for May additions seems to be international funds. Of the ten products added to ETF Deathwatch, six have an international flavor. Of the minority, three are short funds and the fourth an insurance ETF. Two of the international funds added to the list (db X-Trackers MSCI AC AP ex Japan Hedged (DBAP) and db X-Trackers MSCI UK Hedged Equity (DBUK))were designed to provide exposure to foreign market securities without the effects of currency translations. In April, WisdomTree introduced five currency-hedged ETFs aimed at certain sectors of Japans stock market. It will be interesting to see whether the category is out of favor, or if it is just the U.K.
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It does a great job in holding just a mere 19.4% in its top 10 holdings considering the fact that it holds 356 securities in total. Nestle, Novartis and Roche Holdings are the top three holdings of the fund, each having an allocation between 2.2% and 2.8%. As far as sector holdings are concerned, it relies heavily on Financials, followed by Consumer Staples, Healthcare, Industrials and Energy, each with double-digit exposure. All these sectors combined account for more than half of the fund assets.
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A link has been sent. Done Wheat ETF: Leader or Laggard? By Sweta Killa 4 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences Done Following a lackluster 2013, agricultural commodities such as wheat have enjoyed a smoothride this year on chilly weather and drought conditions in the U.S. Southern Plains. Fears of export limitations from Ukraine, one of the largest exporters of wheat, have raised supply concerns and drawn attention to this commodity (read: Wheat ETF Surging on Ukraine Issues, Weather Outlook ). But things lately took a rapid turn as wheat fell over 9% over the past 10 days.
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Expense Amount is the estimated annual expense for holdings of 10 shares of a given ETF. This is computed by Expense Ratio and the net asset value of 10 shares. The fee will be directly deducted from the ETFs asset. For example, if the NAV of a given ETF is 100 and its expense ratio per year is 1%, the incurred expense for a position of 10 shares would be $10 yearly (NAV per share*10 shares*Expense Ratio= 100*10*1%).
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Obama Visits Omaha Beach On 70th Anniversary Of World War Ii’s D-day – Ny Daily News

Putin also had a 15-minute meeting with Poroshenko about ending the violence in the former Soviet state. The new Ukrainian leader said talks could begin Sunday raising hopes for an easing of the crisis. Before their lunch encounter, Obama and Putin seemed to go out of their way to give each other the cold shoulder. As the world leaders gathered for a photo, Obama and Putin ignored each other, even though they were just feet apart in the front row, separated by two queens and French President Francois Hollande. Thibault Camus/AP A group of military enthusiasts stand on Omaha Beach.
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Hillary Clinton remains popular for her time as secretary of state, viewed apart from Obama – The Washington Post

The Senate is expected to debate the legislation next week, but it faces significant obstacles. The dual strategy – taking executive action while urging Congress to finish the job – has become Obama’s signature playbook this year . Stymied by gridlock as Congress marches toward the midterm elections, he has repeatedly sought ways to go around Congress with modest steps that underscore his pitch from the bully pulpit for Congress to finish the job. “While Congress decides what it’s going to do, I will keep doing whatever I can without Congress to help responsible young people pay off their loans,” Obama said. Echoing Obama’s call to action on student loan debt are Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, who planned to join Obama for the White House event on Monday. The president will continue the push Tuesday in an online question-and-answer session hosted by Tumblr.
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Obama looks for ways to ease student loan debt – CBS News

The first lady meets with former South African President Nelson Mandela in June 2011. Michelle Obama exits a Target department store in Alexandria, Virginia, after doing some shopping in September 2011. The first lady kisses her husband during an inauguration reception at the National Building Museum in Washington in January 2013. Michelle Obama, via satellite, announces the Oscar for best picture at the end of the Academy Awards show in February. Michelle Obama dances with Jimmy Fallon on Fallon’s late-night show in February.
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Opinion: Michelle Obama for Senate? – CNN.com

Clinton also strikes stronger notes of criticism than Obama toward Russian President Vladimir Putin and touches on the risks of dealing with the Taliban to win the release of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Obamas decision to trade five Taliban go here prisoners for Bergdahl last week earned him condemnation from many Republicans. More people blame the White House than they blame the secretary of state, and that strikes me as quite appropriate, said Kori Schake, a former State Department official during the George W. Bush administration. The public admires Secretary Clintons toughness and how much she got out there and tried to do stuff. Since leaving office, Clinton has avoided directly criticizing the president, and she praises him in other sections of her book particularly his decision, which she supported at the time, to authorize a risky special forces operation that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hillary-clinton-remains-popular-for-her-time-as-secretary-of-state-viewed-apart-from-obama/2014/06/07/4bad6e62-ea61-11e3-b98c-72cef4a00499_story.html


What To Watch: Where Do Stocks Go From Here?

employment rose to 138.46 million last month, erasing all the losses from the financial crisis and topping its prior January 2008 record of 138.37 million jobs, according to Bespoke Investment Group. So how have stocks fared in http://www.todayhotstocks.com the past after the number of jobs in the nation hit a new peak? In short, gains usually follow, but the size of the returns tend to be a tad below the historical stock market averages, an analysis by Bespoke found. Since 1945, there have been 12 times when U.S. non-farm payrolls went a year or longer without hitting a new high.
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Asia stocks rise on brightening U.S. economic prospects – Yahoo News

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HEARD ON THE STREET: Draghi Sparks Utility Stocks – WSJ

SPLITS ARE FALLING OUT OF FASHION Stock splits once seemed reflexive whenever a company’s share price neared $100. In recent years, though, splits have dwindled as companies became more comfortable allowing their stocks to trade for hundreds of dollars. Even though the overall stock market has been soaring, only 57 splits have been completed since 2009 among companies in the Standard Poor’s 500. That compares with 375 splits from 1997 through 2000, a period that coincided with the dot-com boom.
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5 Things to Know About Apple’s Stock Split – ABC News

government reported more healthy job growth in May. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index notched its eighth record high in the last 10 trading days. Post to Facebook Stocks move higher as US jobs grow at healthy clip Stocks are closing higher after the U.S. government reported more healthy job growth in May.
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Stocks move higher as US jobs grow at healthy clip

ET A guy called Mario helping the Italians isn’t the most startling proposition. But this one, Mr. Draghi who runs the European Central Bank, is also helping the Spanish, though; the Germans, not so much. This concerns utilities in particular. The ECB’s monetary-easing efforts, unveiled Thursday, should ensure that euro-zone interest rates remain…
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As of now, the re-election that was due in July has been cancelled due to escalation in protests. Economic Aftershock Quite expectedly, persistent protests have left deep scars on the nations economic picture especially hurting government spending and the all-important Thai tourism industry (contributed 7% of the countrys GDP ). According to a Rodl & Partner report, in February, the Tourism Authority of Thailand predicted losses of Baht 90 billion in income if the political mayhem stretches another six months. In the final quarter of 2013, Thailands GDP nudged up 0.6 % from the year-ago period marking the slowest quarterly growth rate in almost two years hurt by the protests.
Source: http://www.wnd.com/markets/news/read/27332802/will_thailand_etf_pay_the_price_for_protests

Equally telling, stock shares of high-end retailers like Tiffany ( TIF )and Nordstrom ( JWN ) have been skyrocketing on better-than-expected profitability. At the same time, brand-name corporations that serve http://www.etftradingsignals.com the middle class are witnessing an erosion in their share prices. This deterioration can be seen when one compares an exchange-traded fund like Market Vectors Retail ( RTH ) with a broader benchmark like the S&P 500. Retailer shares notwithstanding, the S&P 500 is notching record highs.One might think that the retrenchment in middle-class spending would give stock investors pause. After all, how many times do we hear that the consumer represents 70% of the domestic economy? Perhaps the greatest irony derives from the recent realization that overall consumer spending actually grew 3.1% between January and March.
Source: http://investorplace.com/2014/05/growth-value-etfs/

The ‘Hotel California’ Flap: ETF Investors Should Take It Easy – Bloomberg

(ETF)] Is The Real Estate Recovery Real? Morpheus Trading: Going into todays session, we have two new potential ETF swing trades on ourwatchlist. First is the Real Estate Index ETF ($IYR), which broke out from a solid base at $69 in mid-April. The current consolidation above the 20-day EMA has been bullish, with volume well below average over the past two-weeks (light volume during consolidation is positive). A continuation breakout is a move from a short-term consolidation pattern of two to three weeks or so.
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Growth? Value? Smart ETF Investors Get Both | InvestorPlace

Billions of dollars worth of ETF shares trade daily and account for about a quarter of all volume on the NYSE. Trading the vast majority of ETFs can be relatively easy regardless of market conditions. Alloway has a point with a small minority of days for a small minority of ETFs that track relatively illiquid markets. Generally speaking, an ETF’s only as liquid as its underlying holdings.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-29/the-hotel-california-flap-etf-investors-should-take-it-easy.html


Obama Visits Tornado-ravaged Arkansas Town – The Washington Post

Stephen Meeks (R) tweeted May 4. The president was joined on the tour by Gov. Mike Beebe (D) and Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.), who is leaving Congress and running for lieutenant governor . Storms have ravaged the South and Midwest this year, killing several dozen people.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/obama-visits-tornado-ravaged-arkansas-town/2014/05/07/1ad67a3a-d5fe-11e3-aae8-c2d44bd79778_story.html

Obama visits tornado-stricken Arkansas town – CBS News

Obama said. He promised that residents could count on their local assembled officials – Gov. Mike Beebe, Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., and Mayor James Firestone – to make sure the town had all necessary resources.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/obama-visits-tornado-stricken-arkansas-town/

Obama Uses Your TV Weather Guru to Show How Wind Blows on Climate – Bloomberg

As part of the reports unveiling, Obama is set to give a series of interviews to eight television weathermen, including with Roker of NBCs Today show. TV Meteorologists TV weathercasters actually have entree, they have access to regular Americans, Ed Maibach of George Mason University and part of the group that worked on the report said today at a White House event to unveil the report. Obama is talking with the very people who are going to get this information off the loading dock and into the hands of ordinary Americans. Gavin Schmidt, climate scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Institute in New York, said being specific about heat waves or tornadoes can help bolster the case that the climate is changing, he said. There is scientific debate about when a storm, such as Hurricane Sandy , or other weather events, such as the current drought in Texas and Oklahoma , is linked to climate change. Oklahoma is burning, both literally and figuratively, as a combination of drought, record heat, high winds and low relative humidity created the perfect wildfire conditions, state climatologist Gary McManus wrote in an assessment.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-06/obama-looks-to-weathermen-to-make-case-on-climate-change.html

Obama says ‘disquiet’ breeds political cynicism

Already, http://www.obamastudentloanforgiveness.net conservative groups have spent millions accusing Democrats in those states of supporting energy policies that would impede local jobs and economic development. Never mind that it’s Obama’s administration not House or Senate candidates drafting the rules. Even when Democrats try to distance themselves from Obama on the issue, Republicans say that’s evidence that congressional Democrats are impotent to rein in their party’s out-of-control president. Republican Rep. Steve Daines, who is running to unseat Democratic Sen.
Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-climate-rules-cant-wait-211828881.html

Obama climate rules can’t wait ’til after election – Yahoo Finance

In a sober political assessment, Obama tells Democratic donors he feels a sense of urgency about the election and needs the Senate to remain Democratic. Republicans have a chance to win control of the Senate this year. The president says that when Democrats get discouraged, they don’t vote. Obama spoke at the Los Angeles home of Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn before about 90 contributors who paid from $10,000 to $32,400 to attend. Among those attending were Hollywood luminaries Barbra Streisand and her husband, James Brolin, and Jeffrey Katzenberg Obama is holding five fundraisers for the Democratic Party during a three-day California swing.
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Stocks Hit Another Record, Have A Great May – May. 30, 2014


Stocks slip on consumer spending, sentiment data – Yahoo Finance

The Dow hit a new high of 16,717. In another telling sign of a rebound, the CNNMoney Fear & Greed index is in neutral territory. It had been languishing in fear for weeks. Related: Fear & Greed Index back to neutral 2.
Source: http://money.cnn.com/2014/05/30/investing/stocks-markets/index.html

sp500 410p

Big Lots shares jumped 13.1 percent to $42.44 after the closeout retailer posted better-than-expected results and higher sales. In contrast, shares of apparel retailers Express and Guess slumped a day after the companies forecast disappointing profits for the current quarter amid a sluggish revival in consumer spending. Express shares sank 7.5 percent to $12.61. Guess fell 5.1 percent to $25.50. Volume was modest, with about 5.92 billion shares traded on U.S.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/30/markets-usa-stocks-idUSL1N0OG22N20140530

US STOCKS-Dow, S&P 500 end at record highs after data
| Reuters

The Nasdaq is up 2.9 percent and the Dow is up 0.5 percent. Since it was a holiday-shortened week, trading volume has been light. Roughly 2.1 billion shares have exchanged hands on the New York Stock Exchange, well below the 3.4 billion done on a typical day. LIONS GATE LOCKED OUT: Lions Gate Entertainment dropped $3.48, or 12 percent, to $26.05 after reporting a profit of 35 cents per share, a 70 percent drop from the year before and well below what analysts had expected. SOLAR ECLIPSE: Sunglasses retailer Pacific Sunwear dropped 52 cents, or 17 percent, to $2.42.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/stocks-slip-consumer-spending-sentiment-170128792.html

2 Dividend Stocks That Are Great for Retirees

Some great examples of these are Tesla Motors, 3D Systems, and LinkedIn. All three of these companies are still early in their corporate lives. If they’re technologies and services continue to take hold, they could end up being significantly larger than they are today. By contrast, if they don’t, then they could easily go out of business.
Source: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/05/31/2-dividend-stocks-that-are-great-for-retirees.aspx